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IMEX Legalisation Services

FCO Legalisation:

IMEX is a professional legalisation service organisation, offering a range of business and private legalisation services.  

What is An Apostille? An Apostille Certificate is an official certificate issued to documents that will be recognised in certain countries without further Legalisation. The countries that accept and recognise an apostille certificate are the member of Hague Convention. A full list of the member states can be found here:


For the countries that are not on the list may still accept the Apostille but in most cases will require further legalisation. For details please check with the embassies. The documents that we can handle include Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death certificates, Name Change Deed Polls, Company Certificates of Incorporation, Certificates of Good Standing, Memorandum and Articles of Association, HM Revenue and Customs documents, Certificate of Residence documents, Power of Attorney & Letters of Authorisation (witnessed by a solicitor or notary), Notary Oaths, Educational documents, etc.


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